Event Description:

Fall Picking Tour

12:00pm, September 26, 2023

A tour guide will take your individual group on a ride through the orchard in a shuttle. Your guide will make several stops along the route to explain various things we to do to assist nature in growing the best fruit and crops possible. Your group will get off the shuttle to pick a variety of apples and pumpkins. We provide containers and teach you the best techniques for picking.
*The entire tour is conducted outside and no longer includes the cider press, inside storage area, or scarecrow building as in previous years.*

We will provide apple cider donuts and apple cider for your group.

Group leaders should break large groups into smaller groups(35 or less).
The cost of the tour is $10 a person with a minimum of $100 per group. All teachers, children, staff and chaperones should be included in the group total. For every 10 participants 1 person may attend for free. For example: If 45 people come (including staff, chaperones and students) your group will be responsible for paying for 41 participants. This larger group should be broken into 2 equal sized smaller groups.

When figuring the number of groups, please include all students, staff, chaperones, teachers, parents & siblings who will participate.

up to 35 total participants is 1 group
up to 70 total participants is 2 groups
up to 105 total participants is 3 groups
up to 140 total participants is 4 groups
up to 175 total participants is 5 groups
up to 210 total participants is 6 groups
up to 245 total participants is 7 groups
up to 280 total participants is 8 groups
up to 315 total participants is 9 groups
up to 350 total participants is 10 groups

We are excited to have you and your group join us at our farm. Our goal is to provide an educational and fun tour and to make your visit an enjoyable one. Let us know if your group has any special requests, time constraints, or other considerations.

Price:  $10.00 per person

Total Capacity of this Event:  3 groups

This event is no longer accepting reservations.